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Deaf Companions

Their Care and Training


Here is a list of websites regarding deaf dogs, I hope you will find use of some.


Crickets Personal Training Page


Deaf Dog Education Action Fund #1


Deaf Dog Education Action Fund #2


Deaf Dog Atlas   


“Living with a Deaf Dog” – is a book by Susan Cope Becker available through www.amazon.com  


December 2001 Issue of “Dogs Life” Magazine has a 2 page article on Janine Carsons and a group of friends who own deaf Australian Cattle Dogs who are all doing well.


If you accept & meet the challenge of raising a non hearing pet, you will need a bit of nouse, patience, toys, food, lots of love, and imagination.  In return, you will earn wet kisses, a wagging tail, and a priceless gift – A lifelong friend.


If you need any more information, to have a chat, discuss any concerns, or know of a deaf dog in need of rescue, please call Janine Carson author of this page on (02) 67 737751 at work, (02) 67 753707, Janine's mobile 0438518217 or you can email me: janine.carson@tafensw.edu.au


If you discover more sites dedicated to the Deaf Companion, send us an email at Tjukurpa Kennels


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 who wish to share their joy of owning a deaf Koolie with the world!

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