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Welcome to my Koolies

The year was 1986 my husband came home to tell me of a most unusual dog, that had crawled under the truck that he had been fixing and stayed with him all day, Ron said he was captured by its one blue eye.  nine years from that day we searched, researched, and finally purchased our first Koolie.  Then we researched lots more, years on and we are still researching.

 Please enjoy your visit with my Koolies as we enjoy owning and unraveling the mystery of preserving and protecting them. Be sure to click on the arrow to see all photos


Dot and Rockie's litter

Born from 7:45am till 10:00am on the 17-Dec-2003

Seven beautiful babies, five girls and two boys. Dot had eight in all but two girls died, one was still born and the other died a day later, both were very small, one was a solid red, the other a red merle. No whites in this litter, we are all very happy with their progress, they are very healthy and active. Dot is a good and caring mother, and required very little help from me.


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