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Tjukurpa Pups and Adults For Sale! - Sold!! Breeding Complete Koolies for Working/Service/Sport/Companion

This Page is Dedicated to Tjukurpa generation bred Koolies and their bloodlines, this is not a Rescue page

Copyright 2007, Tjukurpa Kennels
Kindly approved by Koolie Club of Australia

All Tjukurpa Koolies are:
  • Inoculated C3.
  • Micro-chipped, we remain the second contact for life.
  • On heartworm/flea/worm protection.
  • Vet checked.
  • Registered upon request with the Koolie Club of Australia.
  • Raised in the family home.
  • Socialized with other dog breeds, animals and people of all ages.
  • House trained.
  • Basic Obedience Training is commenced.
  • Desexed when necessary.
  • Covered by Tjukurpa's 30 day guarantee: if in that time your Koolie does not suit, you will receive your purchase price in full and we will take back the Koolie, this does not cover transport.

  • From DNA tested, cleared and confirmed bloodlines.
  • Tjukurpa is a member of the VGA (Veterinary's Genetic Assurance)program
  • All new owners are supplied with a care sheet of the pups health needs, such as diet, and what training has been commenced etc.

  • Tjukurpa Kennels Promotes the Ethics of the Koolie Club of Australia.


    As Breeders we understand the importance and obligations of our roll in the Dog Community. We feel that as we choose to bring these pups into the world our duty does not stop at the sale of our pups or Adults. 

    Every Koolie, Tjukurpa breeds or rescues are ours for life.

    If any of our Koolies need to return, we don't hesitate to welcome them home.

    These obligations help us to choose wisely when selling our Koolies.

    To prepare our Koolies for their place in society.

    To help the general public select wisely by informing them of the needs of the Koolie.

    To honestly decline an offer, not because it's not generous enough but because it's the wrong place for a Koolie.


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Watch this page for updates on other breeders of Tjukurpa bloodlines


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